Jul 31 13 1:27 AM

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This story is about a boy, who with super power. He has gone a journey which found life and fate. Man of steel shows superman story and cognition of self identity. Man of steel command key is my favorite in movie, and I want to know if we can make one. As a cosplay brand, xcoser has made a Man of steel command key. Now share the Design idea.Design idea:According to Xcoser Man of Steel command key of movie 1:1 copy to make. Let’s fans can be a superman.Command key is contact way between superman and his father. As to everyone, father is superman. Superman found his life story from 13 years old. Depend on man of steel command key, he can contact with his father. So, Man of steel command key also is a symbol of Love and power.According to original picture of movie, xcoser.com has made a design photo. Let imagining into design, and let movie product restore reality. How to make Xcoser Man of Steel kryptonian key? Let’s wait and see. We also will share man of steel command key manufacturing process. Continue to concern! imageimage