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In the production process of Xcoser Man of steel krypton key, xcoser.com also has thought about what kind of material was most appropriate that symbolizes the kind of superman spirit and grade. Xcoser has tried the iron, steel, alloys, and silver and gold. Xcoser combined with point and many ideas, different materials preservation methods, the values, even value prospect. The most important is that the film Man of steel restores, then it determined with some materials to make ultimately. It was very difficult to make in used different material, and ensure that exquisite workmanship also took much time and effort. But that was fortunate in the end; we let it shows perfectly to superman fans. Here are some combinations of materials to share,Bill of Materials:Material: Zinc alloyProduction process: Xcoser use the fission injection molding; the shape intactly restored Xcoser Man of steel command key of the film. While their surfaces are polished, making it presents the appearance of bright luster. And made it looks more atmospheric and worth collecting. Finally, after plating and oxidation treatment, you cannot worry about whether it can stand the tempered, it has become eminently collectable. It can make it seems to be new for a long time.At the same time, xcoser.com also made a gold version of the Man of steel command key.It is made of Zinc Alloy +24 K gold pure gold. Also after use the fission injection molding, polishing, electroplating, oxidation treatment process, to ensure its color become upscale and beautiful.imageThe material of the matte silver model of is zinc alloy, and the production process is the same.Such a rigorous production process, what kind of Xcoser Man of steel command key will be born out? Next time we will tell you the answer!