Aug 1 13 10:13 PM

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We have shared with the design idea of Xcoser Man of steel command key last time. We also talk about the computer design and the material. Many friends emailed that want to know how the end product looks like. I feel so happy that there are so many fans interested in this Xcoser Man of steel Kryptonian key. Now I share this finished figure with everyone here.
Finished the top

Side view of the key

Do you feel that is very consistent with the command key in the film? In fact, making this one key is very difficult. Xcoser also encountered many problems about this key. But finally Xcoser completed the Xcoser Man of Steel command key. This one is the regular version, but the other was launched ceremoniously by Xcoser, it is highlight, bold, and luxurious.

This version is made ​​from silver, and xcoser.com also introduces 24k gold versions. This key can be a very good gift for friends and family. Coupled with the high-grade base and outer protective shell, it is so gorgeous. You cannot believe that Xcoser Man of steel command key can also have it so elegant side!